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PARA GHOST BOX V1 (2014) – Android-Apps auf Google Play

PARA GHOST BOX V1 (2014) – Android-Apps auf Google Play.


Thanks for your purchase of this brand new PARA GHOST BOX 2014.

This is just the simpliest most advanced ghost communicator available on the Android-market now. With this app you are able to communicate with the paranormal entities. The integrated EVP and EMF Meter will analyze electromagnetic fields in background of your smartphone. As we don’t really trust the radar meters at all, we removed that function in our app, as there are too many false positives by displaying “ghost activities” in your area/house.

Para Ghost box is based on well known sweeping radio function method, but uses a slightly different mode to retrieve words from the other side, all depending on YOUR and THEIR energy.

We can implement additional languages as well, just let us know, which language you want to be placed into this app, we are happy to assist you in that exciting world of ghost and spirit communication.

What will you see in that app?

* Before you start the app, be prepared to communicate with the other side. State, that you are interested in
talking to them, send them your love, friendship and your positive energy.
* Once you started the app, choose the language you want to communicate. Right now we implemented
english and german language into this app. Click on the animated flag to start your communication.
* Make up your mind, choose a question you want to ask and wait until an entity will answer.
* Place your finger on the fingerprint image to enhance the communication.
* Short, maybe longer answers will (hopefully) show up and are displayed on your screen.


* Mobile data / WiFi must be enabled
* for better EMF receiption turn on location (GPS)
* won’t work without Mobile data/WiFi enabled!

Keep in mind, there are a lot of negative and positive entities out there. You might get answers, you would not expect to receive. Don’t use it for a longer period of time – it’s addictive. ou have a life here on earth, for which you must take care of. And there is the other part of life, which we can ask from time to time, whenever we feel to do so.

This app has been tested by several beta-users already and the response is awesome. We are glad to release this app to the public and maintain future updates by your continues support.