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Live in my Bed Room. Spirit Communication with Psychic thoughts/Talking and Devices

Just recently ive been able to sense more spirits around me, and am able to communicate with them through my Mind,thought.this has been proven over the last few nights with people seeing many orbs flying around me when speaking to spirits that come to me.

I am not classing my self as a Psychic or a Medium, but i can hear spirits talk to me in my own Head/Mind, and have some spirits being confirm by a Female Psychic (Callie) when she is on line.

Not just my Communication, but also with ART Drawings of Spirits i sometimes see in my mind.

I believe these are Gives given to me by God, and as these are new Gifts i know it will take time for me to get use to them and adjust to them.

What will i hear and see on tonight’s live session.??
Come along and see for yourselves and seew hat you think.?.

Spirit Communication – The Huff Paranormal SCD-1 is HERE!

BUY: http://www.ghosthunterapps.com

LEARN: http://huffparanormal.com/the-scd-1-qa-tips-tricks-and-intro-video/

SOCIAL: http://www.facebook.com/HuffParanormal

If you are thinking of purchasing the Huff Paranormal SCD-1 (Spirit Communication Device #1) this video will tell you MORE than you want to know about it.

Usually an app is released by most and we are off to fend for ourselves. With this app, I feel it is so special that it deserved a full video explanation, how it came to be, why it works like it does and how to use it for best results as well as some mind blowing evidence samples.

I also have a full detailed instructional page at my website, huffparanormal.com with a fully detailed Q&A on the device/app.


So questions are answered THERE on the SCD-1 page.

This is a game changing app that may just change what you feel about spirit communication.

For SCD-1 Support and Questions on the App:


Talking to the Dead with the SCD-1. Huff Paranormal.



What you are about to see is a collection of the most amazing spirit communication I have ever seen, heard or been a part of. I am still in a little bit of shock over how well this works but be assured, it works and is a game changing tool for the paranormal field.

It’s all about Spirit Communication. Hearing them talk to us, having them respond directly to questions, all in real time, all live with no use of pre recorded sounds or banks. This is the real deal and I have been working hard with Anthony Sanchez to create what I feel is the most important app of 2015.

Yes my friends, the SCD-1 is almost here and will allow those who are SERIOUS about speaking with the dead to do so in a way they have never experienced before.

This is 100% real. 100% true. 100% amazing.

This SCD-1 APp will be ready to purchase by Feb 1st 2015 and beta testers have included Bill Murphy from TV’s Fact or Faked as well as Tim Woolworth who is a long time ITC expert.

For me, this app means so much more than just being an app. It was a labour of love and passion and a dream I had years ago to create something MEANINGFUL and IMPORTANT to this field. More than just a hacked noisy ghost box that makes it hard to communicate..but a serious tool that is A: Affordable B: truly portable C: Works better than ANYTHING out there.

When you watch this video keep in mind that I have been doing serious spirit work for 5 years now, full time. It has been a passion and love of mine and I am known worldwide as a true “spirit magnet”.

When the SCD-1 is released I will have a full video all about it. How to use it. What to do to prepare for it. The best way to do a session. How to open yourself up to the spirit world and how to use it ANYWHERE even without an internet connection.

The SCD-1 has TWO modes. 1. A real time live radio scanner that is just like a typical ghost box but WITHOUT ANY white noise, static or ear killing pops. It scan live 24/7 internet radio without lags, pauses or problems.

The one thing I added after discovering it on my guitar amp and running a super early beta through it and a reverb pedal is that REVERB enhances the replies. I had Anthony add it and it is amazing.

I am so excited about this but instead of rambling on I will let you watch the video 😉

Always check the following pages for more info on this groundbreaking device.


YOU Can Talk to Spirits!: The Practical Guide For Do it Yourself Spirit Communication (English Edition)

How to Talk to Spirits (English Edition)

What happens to our loved one's after they die? Are they trying to send me a sign? Do they have a message they are desperately trying to get me to hear?

Is it possible to communicate with the dead? What is an ADC or after death communication? Are they COMMON......or if I've had one, am I just going nuts? Can meditation or prayer help my deceased family communicate with me?

If so.....HOW so and what are some of the best meditations for talking to our loved ones afte Theresa Caputo


When Dimensions Cross

When Dimensions Cross.


How the Communication Seems to Work

The most successful spirit-communication laboratories all around the world today are using off-the-shelf electronic equipment, with custom specifications provided by the spiritside collaborators. However, the collective thoughts of a team of researchers are reported to play a much bigger role in ITC than any equipment. The Luxembourg team was once told by their spiritside colleagues, “The equipment (you are assembling) will only function properly when spiritual progress is guaranteed among (participants).”

The sense of unity and cooperation among researchers is like a mesh or net; there is strength and integrity only when everyone is linked well with the others. The most successful ITC researchers appear to be those who have become more like their spiritside colleagues as their thoughts become more pure and honest (since deception is reportedly unacceptable in the subtler realms). The spiritside senders and earthside receivers must be attuned to each other spiritually, with similar interests and intentions: The spiritside may be sending an ocean of information, but the earthside may have the spiritual capacity to receive only a few cupfuls.

Researchers are only starting to understand the complexities involved in receiving information from what claim to be spirit worlds. The apparatus on the spiritside is apparently not a piece of astral-plane equipment that can be switched on and off at will. It is an entire system comprising machines and people.

Researchers on the spiritside say they do not transmit any text or images in the form of human alphabets or illustrations per se, but as thought impulses which in conjunction with the thoughts of the human receivers interact to arrive as words and pictures. The analogy of the hologram has been suggested: A hologram has no image, just a blemished surface until lasers strike it; then the image forms. Computer text and video images arriving from the other side are like the image; earthside experimenters and their equipment are the blemished surface; and the spiritside thought impulses are the laser.

Computer text: The most exciting and potentially fruitful development is that of communication via computer. Ken Webster of England published a book (now out of print) in which he reported on more than 200 computer contacts with local persons who had died more than three centuries ago. One of Webster’s main contacts claimed to be a sixteenth-century Englishman named Thomas Harden, who had lived in the same house that Webster now resided in, when the town was still named Bristol. From where he was then, Harden said he could see Webster’s electronic equipment in the living room. He referred to the computer as “a box with a multitude of lights sitting near my chimney.” Harden would communicate in old English grammar in a variety of ways – telepathic messages, scribblings on note paper, chalk-written messages on the floor and, most important, computer files written on the display screen and generated on hard disk. Harden wrote, simply, that the writing was formed according to his will or his visualization in “the lightbox.”

Computer-scanned images: It is reported that a photo is taken spiritside in a similar fashion to the way it is done here. The image is then read into a computer on the spiritside where it is scanned. A spiritside technician then enters it into the scanner program in the earthside computer.