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The Dead Love to Speak to Me. Hear how CLEAR they Sound. Yes, IT IS REAL.

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Vocibus, SCD-1, Impossible Box. Three amazing APPS and this is one hell of a session. 100% connected here. THIS IS 100% REAL SPIRIT COMMUNICATION my friends and is why this channel has over 100,000 subscribers. It has taken me 5 years to build this up, by doing REAL spirit sessions instead of cheap fake BS.

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Hear GHOSTS talking LOUD, CLEAR and DIRECTLY answering me. Wonder Box Gold.

A Session Breakdown for those who sometimes say they do not understand why spirits say what they say. There is a lot about spirit communication that we do not know, there is a lot we do. Here is just some of what I have learned over several years of dong this work on a highly dedicated level:

1. Spirits CAN indeed speak to us, and clearly.
2. They can, at this time, only come in for a few seconds which is why so many come in and out.
3. They have memories, but limited
4. Most do not even know where they are. They speak of “space” and even the “ocean” and some do mention Heaven and Hell.
5. Some are religious even after death
6. Some can be negative, some can be dangerous if you get too deep
7. Spirits manipulate audio to speak, no matter the device being used. Today, apps are preferred to the spirits when doing a session.
8. Some rush in to get their message heard, not even knowing what I may have asked, So some messages can be strange to say the least.
9. They say there are angels and demons, and I have experienced both 1st hand and believe them.
10. I have learned that this life on earth, is a learning experience for our souls.
11. Our souls are made of pure energy and they use energy to speak. By supplying them with the right energies, it helps them to do just that.
12. They can speak ANY language regardless of the source, radio or app being used. If the operator (you) is connected they will speak you language back to you when using these devices correctly (NOTE: Most do not use these devices correctly).
13. If we build a relationship with the other side, they will consider you as a friend. And speak.

There is so much more, but wait for my book in a few years ; )

Banshee app is available on Android, free on the play store. It is what I used with the Wonder Box Gold. This box enhances any app or radio and gives the spirits energy to speak more clearly and more direct. That is what I do and have been doing for seven years now, dedicating a huge chunk of my life to this research. It is now paying off with these results and I am proud of what I have accomplished.


CLEAR, DIRECT CONVERSATIONS with the DEAD. Hear It. Channel Preview July 2017.

THIS IS ONLY My new Channel Preview for July 2017. Longer form videos are on the way…

Things are advancing at a rapid rate here for spirit communication. The veil is thinning and spirits are more talkative than ever. My Wonder Box Gold is making history with clear, conversational connections with the dead.

YES THIS IS REAL and a result of YEARS of solid non stop research and testing to get to this point.

Please share and subscribe if you think this work is important. I have been here doing this for many years, over 500 videos and loads of real valid evidence of the afterlife. Feel free to watch my previous video here on this very channel.

This is real, serious work, not made for “entertainment” and not a TV show. This is as real as it gets, andI am proud of what has been accomplished here.

We truly never die, that is a fact.

Love to all, and remember LOVE IS KEY. #wonderboxgold #teamhuff