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Ghost Hunter Claims 100% Proof of Paranormal Activity at Sallie House of KS

Atchison, KS (PRWEB) October 18, 2014

Known as the most haunted house in America, the Sallie House has been widely reported to be a center for paranormal activity. After investigating the house several times from 2010-2013 and being face to face with extreme paranormal and demonic activity, Tim Wood, LiveSciFi.tv creator and lead ghost hunter, decided to visit the house again this Halloween season. This weekend, he will be back at the haunted house practicing his unique brand of live ghost hunting and offering a stream of the ghost hunt online for all to see. While performing his extreme paranormal investigation techniques, Wood will be cataloging any new conclusive evidence or sightings that occur in order to be featured alongside the proof of paranormal activity he encountered during his previous stay. Tim will be conducting a Ouija board session at some of the paranormal epicenters in the house as well as conducting ghost box and EVP sessions. Any Paranormal Evidence he uncovers will be posted as paranormal clips on the LiveSciFi paranormal YouTube channel.

About LiveSciFi.tv:

Created by Tim Wood, the LiveSciFi ghost hunting team is known for conducting more extreme investigations than your average cable TV show. Their show has streamed on Yahoo!, YouTube, UStream, and Justin.tv, where they routinely smash online records for views and minutes-watched-per-viewer.

Company information:

Specializing in feature films, TV, high-end webisodes, and LIVE online streaming production, One World Studios Ltd. is an independent film company on the cutting edge of transmedia and cross-media storytelling, movie distribution, film and video production. OWS has been a fully independent distribution and production company since 2002. Credits include biker movie classic Choppertown: the Sinners, Ouija Movie I Am ZoZo about the ZoZo demon, and LiveSciFi, a premium live online ghost hunter show.

New York State’s First Ghost Hunter’s Conference

Rochester, NY (PRWEB) January 5, 2006

“With increased interest in the paranormal, we (Western New York Paranormal) felt that a conference in Rochester would be a great way to educate the public on the unexplained phenomenon of ghosts,” explains Dwayne Claud, director of Western New York Paranormal. The conference, known as The Supernatural Summit, is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday April 29th and 30th at the U.S. Army Reserve Center located at 2035 Goodman Street in Rochester, New York.

“The Supernatural Summit will be two days of workshops geared for both the beginners and advanced paranormal investigator,” stated Claud. He continues to state that the 2006 guest speaker will be Todd Bates of Haunted Voices.com. Todd is nationally known for his expertise in the field of E.V.P. or electronic voice phenomenon. These are basically the recording of “ghost voices” from disembodied voices via digital or analog recording devices. He has dedicated his investigative career to the research of this phenomenon and currently has some of the most impressive examples of E.V.P.’s found in the country.

“One of the primary focuses of this year’s conference will be electronic voice phenomenon with a series of workshops designed by Todd for the beginner to the advanced researcher. Plus we will also have a presenter from CSICOP, Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, for a skeptics view of the phenomenon,” said Claud.

The two day workshop will allow participants to select from over 30 different workshop sessions on subjects including ghost hunting for beginners, dowsing, photography and videography, and demonology among many others. “Speakers are joining us from around the country for this summit and it promises to be a very informative and fun event for all who attend,” claims Claud. The Supernatural Summit will also have a paranormal fair for participants to browse. The vendors will range from those presenting paranormal equipment to psychics.

The Supernatural Summit, is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday April 29th and 30th at the U.S. Army Reserve Center located at 2035 Goodman Street in Rochester, New York. For more information call 585-399-7765 or visit http://www.SUPERNATURALSUMMIT.com. Admission to the psychic/paranormal fair only is $ 5.00 per person with full conference admission $ 50.00 per person prior to March 1st. Full conference admission includes access to all workshops during the weekend and unlimited access to the fair.


Dwayne Claud

Western New York Paranormal


E-mail: wnyparanormal@aol.com



Electronic Voice Phenomena: Voices of the Dead, or Just So Much Static?

Amherst, NY (PRWEB) January 6, 2005

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP), the alleged attempts of the dead to contact the living through recorded media, have long been popular with the paranormal crowd. EVP were featured in the 1999 film The Sixth Sense, and serve as a plot hook in the movie White Noise, which premieres in theaters this Friday. But experts at the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) say there’s little evidence to support claims of EVP.


“Serious parapsychologists today show virtually no interest in EVP, and modern reports in the parapsychological literature find no evidence of anything paranormal in such recordings,” says James Alcock, CSICOP Fellow and professor of psychology at York University in Toronto. “That does not deter the devoted; it is claimed that there are more than 50,000 sites on the Web devoted to EVP.”


Proponents claim that electronic voice phenomenon (also known as “Raudive voices,” after Latvian psychologist and EVP researcher Konstantin Raudive) are a type of interference in recorded media, created by the spirits of the dead in order to communicate with the living. EVP are usually produced by making recordings of an empty room, though sometimes participants will pose questions to any spirits that may be present. The recording is played back and analyzed for speech samples – speech samples that weren’t heard during the recording process. Many of the results are indistinct at best; the use of headphones is recommended, and multiple attempts may be required to make out words.


Since the rise of Spiritualism in the nineteenth century, there have been many scientific researchers (including noted inventor Thomas Edison) who dabbled in “spirit communications” while also engaging in scientific study. One such dabbler was Friedrich Jürgenson (1903-1987): philosopher, archaeologist, linguist, singer, court painter to Pope Pius XII, documentary filmmaker, recording artist-and a pioneer of EVP recording.


After recording birdsongs with a tape recorder, Jürgenson heard human voices on the tapes, even though there had been no one in the vicinity. He began to study recordings specifically made with no one around. He published two books on the subject, Voices from Space (1964) and Radio-link with the Dead (1967). His work brought him into contact with the Latvian psychologist Dr. Konstantin Raudive (1906-1974). Raudive would spend the last ten years of his life studying EVP, making over 100,000 audiotapes and writing about his findings in the 1971 book Breakthrough.


There are several non-supernatural phenomena, known to “play tricks” on people’s perceptions, which may be responsible for EVPs, Alcock says.


The mechanical phenomena include cross-modulation, where electronic devices accidentally pick up transmissions on other frequencies. Mental phenomena include pareidolia and apophenia, perceptual mechanisms that cause people to see images where none exist (such as Rorschach inkblots) and to think they hear distinct sounds in white noise patterns (like “hearing” the doorbell or the telephone while one is in the shower).


An over-active imagination may also play a role in “finding” EVP. In fact, Raudive comments in Breakthrough that reading Voices from Space left him with “a very definite impression of the author (Jürgenson) as a highly sensitive and susceptible man. Many of his ideas seemed to me to have been formed by a vivid imagination; the kind that could conjure up pictures in an empty room or voices out of the stillness.”


Alcock explains that EVP can be simulated in a laboratory setting. If the test subject is given an expectation of what they will “hear,” and if the cadence of those words matches the cadence of the white noise, “then the brain will turn those sounds into those – now clearly discernible – words.”


“Given that we can routinely demonstrate this effect, it is only prudent to suggest that what people hear with EVP is also the product of their own brains, and their expectations, rather than the voices of the dearly departed,” Alcock comments.


However, Alcock recognizes that many people who report success with EVPs are “reporting an experience that was highly meaningful and perhaps highly emotional – not something that is easily challenged by logic.” As a matter of fact, Raudive and Jürgenson both had intensely personal experiences with EVPs: Jürgenson thought he heard his dead mother calling him by his pet nickname; Raudive thought one of the voices talked about the recent death of a friend.


Hollywood – and audiences – love a good ghost story, but skeptics want to remind the public that films like White Noise and Ghostbusters are still just fiction.


CSICOP is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization, founded in 1976 by Paul Kurtz, Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan and other prominent academics, scientists and writers. CSICOP encourages the critical investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims from a responsible, scientific point of view.