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A Voice says he is GOD through this Amazing new Spirit Box.


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In this video…

I test a new spirit box, first one of its kind. It looks like a Panasonic DR60 but it is a full fledged spirit radio, and it works very well in my first tests. As I check out a new house that we may purchase, I get direct back and forth clear communication from this pint sized spirit communication tool. Must see and as always for NINE YEARS all I do is 100% real. Thank you.

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STAN LEE SPIRIT BOX SESSION. Speaks in HIS voice. Amazing.

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By request, here is the Stan Lee sessions. Yes, I make contact and yes, this is all 100% real, as are all of my videos on this channel.

Love you all.

One more ETHERAL Spirit Box clip. Final Version Test Spirit Session. Amazing.

Oh, and BTW, I am not making a cent on this app. No financial for me for this app or any future app. The main reason? The spirits told me to do this. Next, it can make the price cheaper for those who want it. Third, by not taking any $$ from this app of mine, it takes out any doubt that I am using it for money.

This app is INCREDIBLE – my best yet, and for me, the reward of seeing this app become reality is all the reward I need.

It will be for sale by GHOSTHUNTERAPPS.COM net week. But I do NOT sell it, and I am not GHOSTHUNTERAPPS 😉

This software is a true ITC tool – look for the tutorial/demo video on MONDAY where I will tell you everything you wanted to know about it, and then some. PLUS a full session demo with it.

Thank you