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Ernst Senkowski (04.11.1922–13.04.2015)

Wie wir über ITK-Freunde erfuhren, ist Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Ernst Senkowski am 13. April 2015 im Alter von 92 Jahren in die Dimension hinübergewechselt, deren Erforschung er sich seit 1974 widmete. Ernst Senkowski galt in der “Szene” als die Kapazität schlechthin auf dem Gebiet der Instrumentellen Transkommunikation – ein Begriff, den er selbst prägte und der heutzutage in aller Munde ist. Gemeint ist die audio-visuelle Kommunikation mit anderen Bewußtseinsbereichen – sei dies nun die Ebene der Seelen Verstorbener oder die anderer Geistwesen – mit Hilfe von technischen Mitteln. Sein Buch “Instrumentelle TransKommunikation” (externer Link) gilt in Fachkreisen als Standardwerk auf diesem Gebiet. Gemeinsam mit seinem Freund Dr. Vladimir Delavre (1939–2007) gründete Ernst Senkowski die Gesellschaft für Psychobiophysik e.V., die von 1990 bis 2002 die Zeitschrift “TransKommunikation – Zeitschrift für Psychobiophysik und Interdimensionale Kommunikations-Systeme” (externer Link) herausgab. Die letzten Jahre seines Lebens verbrachte Ernst Senkowski damit, die Ergebnisse seiner Forschungen gemeinsam mit Gesa Dröge auf der Website www.sterbebegleitung-jenseitskontakte.de (externer Link) zu veröffentlichen. Sein Hinübergang

Ghost Hunter Claims 100% Proof of Paranormal Activity at Sallie House of KS

Atchison, KS (PRWEB) October 18, 2014

Known as the most haunted house in America, the Sallie House has been widely reported to be a center for paranormal activity. After investigating the house several times from 2010-2013 and being face to face with extreme paranormal and demonic activity, Tim Wood, LiveSciFi.tv creator and lead ghost hunter, decided to visit the house again this Halloween season. This weekend, he will be back at the haunted house practicing his unique brand of live ghost hunting and offering a stream of the ghost hunt online for all to see. While performing his extreme paranormal investigation techniques, Wood will be cataloging any new conclusive evidence or sightings that occur in order to be featured alongside the proof of paranormal activity he encountered during his previous stay. Tim will be conducting a Ouija board session at some of the paranormal epicenters in the house as well as conducting ghost box and EVP sessions. Any Paranormal Evidence he uncovers will be posted as paranormal clips on the LiveSciFi paranormal YouTube channel.

About LiveSciFi.tv:

Created by Tim Wood, the LiveSciFi ghost hunting team is known for conducting more extreme investigations than your average cable TV show. Their show has streamed on Yahoo!, YouTube, UStream, and Justin.tv, where they routinely smash online records for views and minutes-watched-per-viewer.

Company information:

Specializing in feature films, TV, high-end webisodes, and LIVE online streaming production, One World Studios Ltd. is an independent film company on the cutting edge of transmedia and cross-media storytelling, movie distribution, film and video production. OWS has been a fully independent distribution and production company since 2002. Credits include biker movie classic Choppertown: the Sinners, Ouija Movie I Am ZoZo about the ZoZo demon, and LiveSciFi, a premium live online ghost hunter show.

Halloween Event – A Visit with the Other Side & GhostWalk

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) August 13, 2004

Have you ever wondered what messages your loved ones would pass on from the other side? Join us on All Hallow?s Eve, the night of the year when the veil between the spirit world and our world is the thinnst, and connect with the other side. Fell’s Point Ghost Tours and renowned medium, Barb Mallon, present a 1-hour walking ghost tour of the neighborhood followed by 1-1/2 hour mediumship demonstration and Q & A period.

First, meet the ghosts of Fell?s Point on The Original Fell’s Point GhostWalk. The tour covers the ghosts of many of the beloved neighborhood taverns, highlights the well hidden Fell-Bond cemetery and points out some of the more ‘spirited’ residences.

Then retire to the Mobtown Lounge in Max’s on Broadway to make contact with some more familiar spirits. Much like the show Crossing Over with John Edward, Barb Mallon will reach out to the spirit realm and relay messages to participants from loved ones using her natural talents. Not all audience members will be addressed, but everyone will enjoy Barb’s lecture on psychic abilities and question and answer period after the reading.

For tickets go online to http://www.fellspointghost.com. If you are unable to purchase tickets online, please call 410-963-9370. The group will meet at Max?s Sidebar, 731 S. Broadway prior to the tour.

There are a limited number of private readings with Barb Mallon available prior to the event. For more information, contact 410-963-9370 or info@fellspointghost.com

The Original Fell’s Point GhostWalk was named ‘Best Tour’ by the Baltimore City Paper for 2002 and 2003 and ranked the #2 ghost tour nationwide by DigitalCity.com in 2003.

Barb Mallon is a Certified Psychic® with the American Association of Professional Psychics, Inc. (AAPP), and a member of American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AAEVP). She has written numerous articles about the afterlife which have been featured on prominent paranormal websites.

A Visit with the Other Side & GhostWalk

Sunday, October 31st, Baltimore, Maryland.

GhostWalk, 4:00 pm ? 5:00 pm

Mediumship Demonstration and Q&A Period, 5:00 pm ? 6:30 pm

$ 30/per person

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