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Spirits Gather in my house to speak during a Thunderstorm power outage


We had a sever Thunderstorm that killed our power for 45 minutes. During that time I lit candles for a little bit of light and started to record just to document our power outage. I figured I had a nightvision camcorder so why not? The video was never meant for public viewing 🙂

When I looked at the video two days later I heard loud and clear EVP which told me the spirits are still hanging around my house and with me. I have had these same voices of EVP coming through for 9 months or more. Always the female and gravely man voice as well.

They do not scare me, I welcome them. They are friendly and never cause issues. BUT, I did not use any digital mic or recorder, just the built in mic of my camcorder. THIS is something I never do when trying to get EVP but I was not even trying here, nor thinking of it.

I was seeing if I could capture an orb, and did, but did not think I would have any usable EVP.

A couple of these are up there with the loudest EVP’s caught in my home, which goes to show we do not need fancy microphones and recorders. If they want to be heard, they will.

I feel the lightning storm helped them with energy, which is a theory many have.

What you will hear on this video is legit EVP, voices out of nowhere. Only heard on playback of the video. There were more on this recording but I left four of them out due to other reasons.

I am still amazed even after all of this time at what can come through. Once again proves spirits are all over and for some reason, always stick by me wherever I go.

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