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    Cosmos Synthetics

    I choose to travel in both directions simultaneously through darkness and light and negativity and positivity in parallel simultaneously, you can expand faster, seems to be most pleasant too, negativity is always bit weird and scary, positivity is pleasant and nice, but what I have found if you drift to extreme positivity it can be just as scary as extreme negativity, I believe I've expanded so far, thats it gotten to a point where I have too many choices, don't know what to do, and negative and positive energies are so extreme on the boundaries that I think I am kind of scared to continue expanding, although I know it will be a bit on the boring side not expanding

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    Julez Christiana

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    Julez Christiana

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    White Light

    Wonderful video. Thank you.


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    I love your channel:)

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    An Idea as a force in reality 
    An attempt to write a new science from which views conscious life forms as a collective idea and the assumptions of reality used in their thoughts defines their place.

    When attempting to think that an idea can be used as a force in physical reality requires the disbelief in many false ideas in placed in society. The assumption that humans only have one ability and that is to learn and humans can only learn one thing which is an idea is necessary to understand an idea as a force. Humans are not directly associated with reality but use their thoughts to produce ideas created from sensory input( perceptual senses), emotional state( base assumptions of reality used), and memories ( paths of association) to associate themselves with it. Which makes them no idea real as they are only forces use to understand reality around them and attempt to change it. Because the human mind works in creating ideas they must stem first from a thought which is represent by a momentary instance where the brain is drawing aspects of reality through the senses using memories to follow paths of association and then making decision through the emotional state currently embraced in order to create a thought of what is currently happening in reality and then from that thought uses an idea produced by the situation. The thought is when thought in the mind creates a very minor delay in the input process of thoughts from which senses perceived and memories combine with the emotional state of thought from which a person is in to create an idea over time and the idea changes reality or becomes part of it.  

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    martin manifold

    true story..i was dreaming i was floating in space ( no space suit) ….hovering on the event horizion of a black hole  …i was quite scared….and i thought to myself TRUST GOD IN ALL THINGS.. and i let go and enterd the black hole ….and found myelf in my house sitting in my chair feeling a love that was outside of myself and all was ok . the next day i felt a knowing and an understanding that god had taken me somewhere only special people can go .a few weeks down the line ….i watching a rerun of the last ever episode of babylon 5 …john sheridan is about to go beyond the outer rim of the universe and years previous as he was about to die he was told to "step  into the abyss and let go"…when i heard them words on the tele…you just know some words were meant for you ….but if i can share an ending …walt disneys the black hole you dont have to watch the whole thing just the ending and see if it makes sense to you  . in the words of daft punk …like the legend of the phoenix it all ends with a beginning

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    martin manifold

    talking of cryptic….i was drifting off to sleep and the words " get off me " entered loudly into my head …i was troubled thinking there would be trouble the next day .  after pondering what the message meant and trying to decypher it….i discoverd " get off me " in urban slang means….i'm on fire , you can't touch me, i'm flying high…a message i'm doing ok . remember any message you get unless its plain as day will need decoding uniquiely to you ….read the words forwards backwards , unscrambled..change a vowel for a vowel  AEIOUor consanant for a consanant JKLM etc as if on a codex…substitute   letters for numbers..check your holy scriptures and numbers even double up on letters and ask yourself what did jesus or buddha say…check out latin hebrew arabic meanings..even text speak…& finally the fog will lift and message will reveal itself. XXXX( kisses) <] :o)>   ..( friendly wizard with a beard)

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    Holly K


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    martin manifold

    i see bright sparkles in my sight many  a time, sometimes spirits message is very cryptic and sometimes a bit rude even a bit crude….but god has a sense of humour , never forget that..it isnt all work work work …..god does like to share a joke with and just chat and chill.  spirit can communicate with you using all manner of thing , always be open smells sounds ….and your pets are like an amplifier to the voice of spirit.   blessings to you all and to the amazing MP 

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    guadalupe zecua

    Thank you, this information is very useful.

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    Lovely message. I have experienced this with loved ones who have transitioned back to spirit. In grateful appreciation for all you do & are.


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    Gia S

    Thats what i said! The more you expand your awareness the more you become aware of. THANK YOU for clearing that up… XO

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    Sprite Demari

    Check out this video on YouTube:

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    Sprite Demari

    I love you Ann Maples, I'm close in love and thank you 

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    James Thomas

    I always like what Magenta Pixie has to say.

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    Vladimir Radisic

    Thank you White Winged Collective of Nine! Thank you Magenta.

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    Beautiful and helpful thank u xxx

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