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    I have experienced angel communication telepathically with Angel Satan and Angel Johnathon. I hadn’t remembered the eye color of the Angel that appear
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    Seb Littlewood

    How do you block out unwanted communication Satan has been taunting me deceiving me and won't go away I can feel energy and have a basic understanding of multi dimensional communication please help 

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    Lyle LaBonte

    is there a reason that you engaged in communication with these fallen angels who were driven out of Heaven?

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    Seb Littlewood

    Why even continue the conversation once hearing that name of course Satan would say that your being deceived hold the feeling of love and concentrate on angels of light and the ascended masters 

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    Joleen Mcginley

    hi kimberly.  I watch all your videos and i would really like to get a reading.  Do u have an email i could email you on? xx

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    Thank you !

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    Rae Jae

    This is the first full video of yours that I've watched… the headline kind of compelled me 🙂 I'm very interested in the Watchers and I must say I've enjoyed your translation here. Before commenting I've watched a few more of your videos. I like your style and I can't believe your age!! Looking good. I find the Angels easiest to work with but harder to communicate with and get to know as individuals rather than a collective #merrychristmas your space looks great

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    Laura Liberty

    this is your best video yet. thank you xxoo 

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    Hi, can you explain more about the 3 snakes?(type of snake,venom/poison,verbal,colour pattern etc)

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