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    In this video, Theresa Caputo, is leaving the Today Show set and is caught of guard by a reporter who does ask for an impromptu read and she refuses.
    [See the full post at: Reporter Catches Long Island Medium (Caputo) off Guard!]

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    Courtney Mccain

    You guys are putting things into people's heads and that's what's causing all these people to start fighting why are you people spending so much time on trying to ruin someone's life because you think she is a fraud. Just because you look at the little things doesn't mean that she is fake, everyone makes mistakes but that's not her fault for being HUMAN. So people just need to stop arguing and get on with their own lives some people think she fake and some people believe that that has this amazing gift but you don't need to make it such a big deal.

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    I've been a fan of Dr Paul Ekman's work in deception detection since around 2012 when Lie To Me started. I loved the show and wish they didn't cancel it so soon… Anyway, having read some of Dr Ekman's studies, I'm watching her for micro expressions, body language and behavioral cues that could indicate deception.

    It may be totally innocuous, but I notice she's fiddling a lot with her rings. This could be a self-comforting behaviour (its almost definitely not something she's doing consciously) and it tells me that she's very uncomfortable or on-edge. I also notice that she never breaks eye contact with the reporter. A lot of people think breaking eye contact is a sign of deception however – and again, this might just be her way… I don't have a baseline by which to judge her behavior – a person who is lying will always be more likely to hold eye contact because they need to see whether or not you believe them. In this video, the only time she really looked away was when she was being more flamboyant.

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    Batang Palilo

    i did not watch to credit the person who posted this. rather, i believe in Teresa and her ability.  she's gifted.  too many instances to even say she's a hoax.  the lady is the real thing.

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    Its kind of sad that ppl buy into this shit. I almost dont blame them. They are mourning the loss of a close family member or friend and this lady sells them her bullshit magic powers that allows them to connect with those deceased ppl one last time. It sucks that in the year 2015, ppl still buy into this garbage. 

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    forkin’ foodie

    Ron Tebo – based on how many videos of "proof" you have trying to discredit Theresa Caputo, one would think you've got some sort of personal grudge against her. Listen, if she's a fake or not, she helps grieving people feel more comforted about their loss and helps them move on. She makes grieving people feel better and you're pissed about that? You're mad that she's making money off it because you think she's a fraud? Hmm.. well I don't see you posting videos about how fake diet pills are bilking millions of dollars from overweight women hoping to feel better about themselves or lets see.. how about the makeup industry?. I don't see you posting videos about how Oil of Olay is a big assed fraudulent sham and they are robbing innocent women of their money simply because they want to feel younger and better about themselves. If the woman is a fraud – so be it. who are you to judge? If you don't believe her, then don't believe her, and move on with your life. There will always be ppl who like her and ppl who hate her. As for the rest of you who are judging her husband for being "creepy" or "feeling a weird vibe"… Sigh.. get over yourselves and get off your high horses. I'm not saying I believe her.. or I don't believe her. I just think that at the end of the day, she's helping people cope with grief and loss. and that's not such a bad thing.

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    Christopher “Chris” Martin

    She seems like a sweet lady.

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    Emerald Green

    Check out this video on YouTube:

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    I cannot believe why people don't understand why sometimes fake voices are used.  When someone is exposing a fraud who is making big time money, or even some religious nut case cults, there is always danger that the exposer will be tracked down and harmed physically.  It also puts his/her family in danger as well as possible damage to home, car etc.  Obviously, a lot of people are not aware of the often dangerous world we live in.  Houdini was attacked for exposing the million dollar fake medium industry and it may have even cost him his life.  

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    Listen to me…
    Being a Psychic Medium is NOT magic ok? You can't just play with spirits and channel who ever the hell you want to, its not a game. You think she is a fraud just because she doesn't channel anyone on cue when a person asks her too. She has to get to an entire process when channeling a dead person. Im so glad she didn't do it because it means she cannot be manipulated by ASSHOLES that make fun of her.

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    Bek Slater

    Fake or not who cares? Her readings help people to deal with things. If they want to believe it and it helps them move forward, then where is the harm? 

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    Christina Sawin

    I would love to be a person to go see her and have you wire me so you could hear everything and see if she picks up anything that is real or fake. If it's something you might want to do contact me on Facebook I would like to really show everyone if she is real or fake I would even wear a camera so everyone can see what is happening and hear everything also. Because I need to know something's about my mom passing. Hope to hear from you because I think people would believe more of what you're saying if they had a nobody go in and have a reading. Thank you for your time. 

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    Shawnie Newman

    She is not a fake… Just cause you ask her to speak to the dead doesn't mean she has to.. She can only do it when she feels a spirit trying to communicate.

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    marco sorsa

    Wow. This is Proof. How stupid can one get. I don't see any proof here at all and stop stalking her. Medium Leigh Catherine won a libel for over $250 000.00 against a major media company for similar slander. Her case caused James Randi to shut down his website so tread carefully scifake.

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    Grey Line

    She's now on uk tv and I've begun to notice her saying something like, "I feel a male energy coming through, Has your father, uncle or brother passed"? Them bam, she indirectly questions the grieving person and gets so much information without the person even knowing they're telling her stuff. In a state of grief ppl want to believe. However very sadly for them, I do believe she's not genuine. It's distinguishing between who's real and who's fake is really difficult because like I say, mediums like Theresa see an opening and they're straight in there, talking fast and not allowing the person to clarify if things are true. Ppl if you need help when a loved one passes then there's no greater person to talk to than God. I know this is not for everyone but for me he helps. Gods work is slow but sure.

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    What fake..besides your voice….hahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahaaahha dummy

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