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    Members of Investigation Network handed out flyers to the attendees as they made their way into Theresa Caputo’s LA show in front of the Saban Theatre
    [See the full post at: Psychic Theresa Caputo Event Gets a Visit from Investigation Network]

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    Green Oak

    Go ahead and mock the people you are trying to "help", I'm sure it'll work out well for you.

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    How does anyone have an opinion of anything until they've experienced it themselves??  I'd like to see a video of you guys having a group session with her, THEN letting us know what you think.  Other than that, you're just wasting time on bashing people off assumption instead of living a joyous life of your own.  Atheist or not… Love is the answer.

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    Why did you not stay and get their opinions after the show? I was so praying to all the Gods for you to catch'm when they come running. Funny how every 10 yrs or  so they reincarnate and gain fame.Rinse Recycle and Reuse…laughing all the way to the bank and here I am! Morales and Honest no make cents. Great job guys!

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    Very good video, stop the FAKES in there tracks.

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    Sva Allen

    Love it.

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    I was also skeptic until I saw Teresa on the Dr. Oz show where they were doing bran scans to see if her brain had any significant changes when she was being contacted.
    The expert… doing the scans… was able to show the results just like a normal x-ray. The expert was… indeed…amazed that teresa's brain had such major changes…that he had never seen before. His comment "There is definitely something very different going on in her head. Actually…Teresa was somewhat relived to see it. I would say that we actually do have a communicator. Is she a true physic? NO…but she does have a gift and people need to realize it. I do think her tickets should be cheaper! She has made a believer out of me.

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    Kathy Velazquez

    You people do not understand or comprehend the psychic realm because you have probably not experienced it. Or your afraid of the unknown. Get a life.

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    fuck you 

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    Jodi S

    It makes me laugh that they are handing out pamphlets on how to spot a genuine psychic.  Are these people psychics that they know for sure how to spot a genuine psychic?  How would they know how to determine who is real or not?

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    Daoud rafik

    I really appreciate these activists who r trying to help their fellow citizens from being fooled & scammed by a so-called psychic/medium. I wish there were more people like them. This charlatan along with others like her should be exposed bec there is no such thing as a psychic & there is no such thing as talking to the dead. Folks wake up. Do not look to text books for the answers to questions like, do spirits exist, is there life after death? Look to science for facts.

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    Candie Baltz

    Thank you!!!!

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