Simply amazing and jaw dropping REAL spirit communication in 2015. This is the portal. I came up with this device to improve in spirit communication using ANY source you prefer.

This is not a “Spirit Box” but is on another level entirely. I call it a “Spirit Communicator”. It is clear, direct and silent between questions (unless they are talking amongst themselves).

This device allows spirits to manipulate RAW audio in real time, through the portal and out of the speaker. Accept no imitations or BS copies from anyone charging for them, as this is the real deal and no one is profiting from it, which was important to me as they told me to NOT profit from this device, which is why I shared all info on how ANYONE can make it. Easily. So all I get out of this is being extremely proud of what I came up with and that others can make one anytime, on their own. It is quite amazing.

In this video I use the GB-RIFT and SCD-1 apps to show how the Portal TRANSFORMS them into quite special and amazing communication tools.

This is the future of ITC and Communication folks. The best part? I do NOT sell these but instead tell everyone how to make them, and many have already and are getting results just like you see here.

See for instructions on how to make your own portal.

If anyone says this is fake I feel bad for them as they are truly missing out. BUT so far the only ones crying fake are 3-4 old school box makers who still make the static filled cheap boxes ($250-$550) that sound awful, and this portal will bring their sales to a slow down for sure.

No need to ever go back to noise boxes, static or the crap. So far my fave combo is the portal and GB-RIFT app. Then SCD-1, then a hack JENSEN radio.

Finding the Light. Huff and H.O.P.E. Paranormal using the Portal.
I joined up with HOPE Paranormal as we will soon be embarking on a huge journey making a full fledged documentary film. Before that we wanted to see just how we would work together as even though we have chatted for years, we never worked together. I feel we will make a killer team for helping spirits into the light, or at least doing our best to try.

The Ouija Box! Ouija Board and Spirit Box combined!
My look at the Ouija Box #2 built for me by Matt Payne of PSI.

This is a spirit box with a Ouija Board built into it for dual validations when communicating with spirits.

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The Vocibus Ghost Box App Test w/ Portal. BLOWING MY MIND.
WOW. The latest app from Anthony Sanchez at is pretty incredible. While I did not care for the voicing at 1st, in use it is incredible. Using a phonetic engine vs real words and phrases, this app delivers 100% evidence of real time communication with SOMETHING. THIS can not be denied, especially after watching this video.

Incredible direct connection. This one will go in my list of the best apps on the market for Spirit work including the SCD-1… and now Vocibus.

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