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    Thanks to @DrProximo for bringing this to my attention: https://twitter.com/rebeccawatson/status/447021043165958144 Transcript at http://skepchick.org
    [See the full post at: Open Letter to Ellen Degeneres: Don’t Promote Theresa Caputo, the “Long Island Medium”]

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    Nick Rose

    OMG for once in my life i can actually agree on something with a radical feminazi

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    Josh Epperson

    This like an NPR Roast

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    April Seitz-Claxton

    I can appreciate this video- however, for those who actually do this work for real in real time and who actually work with the other side, it isn't always easy and it isn't always comfortable. There is no psychic medium who is 100% accurate 100% of the time. But it doesn't mean that some people haven't helped to heal wounds or provide clarity to others. I can appreciate what you have said, but I wish you would have said it with a little more respect for those who do this work on a daily basis. For those who do this work and are not authentic, karma plays a role. It will always play a role- in any type of work that is done including making videos. ♡ 

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    Adolf Hipster

    I'm sure if she was fake she wouldn't be promoted by Ellen let alone have a whole reality show dedicated to her "cold readings" not to mention make hundreds if not thousands cry as she tells them only things that they would know…I respect your opinions and quite frankly could care less..I suggest keeping an open mind and analyzing the content with an Unbiased outlook rather then succumbing to ideals based on fear based doubt and ignorance..

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    What a pointless channel

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    I thank God every day that I'm an atheist.

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    The lives she has touched outweighs the lives she hasn't (such as yours).  She doesn't care if anyone believes, so for you to take the time to bash her is a 5-minute waste of time on your part.  Congrats!  LOVE is all you need…

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    Lisa Derrickson

    Sometimes I wonder why people who believe they are "smart" but are not educated on certain topics decide to make a YouTube video to express their destain regarding the topic. You, NOT being a Medium, think you know what it is like reading over 50 people in one room with probably 2 or more family members who have passed away? Your not going to understand everyone and everything honey there's no point! Live and let live sweetheart! 

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    I don't even get out of bed without my unicorn poop……..

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    Jaytt Pad

    fuck you i like this video but i will give you a dislike just because you are a feminazi

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    chantelle hyde

    Love how this is so funny but you get your point across so well.

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    callee luddington

    Some people can do this you know. A medium in my community told me what i wrote on the card i mad for my grandmothers casket. I didnt let anyone read it and itwas burried with her

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    Klaudije Monteverdi

    !00% truth Theresa doing COLD READING and for that take from people big big money ! Sadly and misrepresentation of things !!

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    Lady, you have entirely too much time on your hands! Please, give me a break and may I suggest that YOU go out and make a difference in people's lives in a "positive" way! 

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    kimbybean bean

    There is NO WAY I believe she is communicating with the dead.  Has anyone considered that maybe she is reading the mind of the person being read and not communicating with the dead? If you believe in Mediums, certainly, you can believe there are real psychics.  Never ONCE has she told a person something they didn't already know. NEVER!!!! She calls it validation.  I don't think it validates anything.  She needs to tell people things they didn't know.  When she doesn't have the answer to something that she should (if she was really talking with the dead), she brushes it off and says "it's not for us to know".  I swear, if the person getting the reading doesn't know the answer to something, neither does Theresa.  Instead of claiming to be a medium, she should claim to be a psychic.  She does walk up to strangers in a store and know things about them or their departed, but again, it's stuff they already know.  It's in their mind.  I wish people would listen to her readings as they keep this concept in mind.  She is mind-reading at the very least.  She is not talking with the dead.  When survivors of suicide victims want to know "why did they do it", Theresa says something like "the only thing you need to know is they are at peace and they take responsibility for their passing" and they say they are sorry for hurting anyone.  Where's the proof in that?  Why can't she say something that CAN be validated and something that wasn't discussed during that reading/something the person didn't know about at all.  FOR EXAMPLE, she can say something like "he says that nobody knew this, but he was struggling with a secret drug addiction and couldn't go on any longer".  Now this would have to be something the person being read, did not know about at all and not discussed previously during the reading but could be validated later with a little research by the loved one left behind.  This is an example of really communicating with the dead.  She makes it all seem so simple, then why not validate by providing "unknown" information that only the deceased knows about.  Because it's FAKE.  Maybe she doesn't even know that she is getting the information from the person right in front of her.  Wake up Theresa Caputo.  You ARE NOT speaking with the dead.  If you are, prove it!  That's all we ask.

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