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Night Shakes – Game camera while I sleep catches bed shake, EVP and orbs.


Bought a game camera (the one at the link below at Amazon) and set it up near my bed to film at night while I slept. With so much EVP and spirit activity going on over the past few days I wanted to see if this would catch anything.

I had it set to record 30 seconds of video if it sensed motion. It also records audio and you can set it to photos only. I used video thinking if it was triggered I may catch an EVP as well.

When I reviewed the videos this morning I heard two low level EVP’s (low in volume) and saw a few things flying around as these EVP’s were happening.

Not only this, but after I get up to go to the bathroom, the bed shakes and an EVP comes in saying “He’s Leaving”.

After that when I am back in bed you see numerous things flying and I do not have ANY insects in my home.

This camera records in pitch blackness and uses no visible light. It is like it is not even there, and also is dead silent. Will be testing more with this device from now on as I find it very interesting.

The bed has been shaking quite often lately as well, even to the point of being woken up by it.

If this is the 1st video you are seeing of mine, I urge you to watch my others to see the history of the spirits around me and in my home.

Thank you.


I have NO insects in my home
I have recorded LOUD class A EVP with direct communication several times in my home over the past few months, and moreso over the past few days
My dog sees whatever this is, clearly
I have seen then on three occasions

If you doubt this, watch the last two videos I posted before this one from my home.

Thank you.

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