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    In an exclusive web video, “Long Island Medium” star Theresa Caputo, who says she can communicate with the dead, gives readings for “Anderson Live” au
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    David Nunez

    I'm not sure which is worse. This bitch or televangelists: There's someone out there watching this show suffering,just send me your offering and you will be blessed. Lol 

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    Michael Dunham

    I remember when they had on John Edwards and they accused him of doing cold readings and he got pushed off the air. I have been in sheol or heaven in my detached spirit body. These spirit bodies look like the walking dead but have perfect cognitive ability. They do not eat people because everything is composed of the same spirit energy. We unconsiously see these walking dead. That is probably why we like the show "The walking dead".

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    I can't believe that my friend think she's for real…..

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    It cracks me up to see how many people on YT fight about things they don't even believe in. 

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    Dave Charles

    This is fucking ridiculous

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    ann prince

    She is  not even a psychic as  a Medium  myself this is not Mediumship. Not in a month of Sundays  She say,s was that her personality.. A spirit personality comes through as the communication  progresses,similar to when you have conversation on earth with a stranger and you figure out what they are like 
    . The recipient should know immediately the identity of  the person

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    Rochell L.

    I found this video to find a Long Island accent, but I couldn't help but watch the first 5 min and then cringe. She dropped that first man cold when she realized he was useless. His mom had no issue with her legs nor a chair that she supposedly was channeling from the other side. Poor man. Her strategy is to bait with any typical 'old people' stuff in hopes to catch someone. "Someone's mother is reaching out, she was in her 80's, had hip problems. It was your mother, right. Yeah, she said she's at peace and enjoy your trip. Not going on a trip? Wait, I hear a trip being planned. Who's going on a trip? Yeah, someone close to you said fly safely."

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    Oh my. Showing up here did not help her. It's a wide open rapid fishing technique coupled with Jersey comedy sensibilities. Even some intimidation thrown in. She's not even that good at her schemes, but just might have the right group of traits to pull this off and thus………$$. May Christ have mercy on her soul. She is not a good person , and I will stay clear. I am not Devine enough to call her a bad person. 

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    okay that lady CLEARLY shook her head no when theresa asked her if she felt the presence of her loved one and theresa completely ignored her and made it seem like she said yes… wtf

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    nah…fake fake fake…leading generic questions.

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