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    Theresa puts in overtime, reading multiple audience members. Video Bewertung: / 5 Theresa Caputo
    [See the full post at: ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo’s Amazing Read of the Audience]

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    greenhills actual

    what a scammer, such a thief

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    Le’ Be

    She's a fraud! 

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    Chastity B. The Entrepreneur

    I couldnt handle such aa gift as that one.. Shit would drive me crazy

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    She looks like a lizard with big tits and a bad wig.

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    confirmation bias

    You feel you're choking because you are choking. Clutching at straws, being humiliated. Poor thing.

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    She's an idiot. She's good at one thing: deception.

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    This reading if you call it that was painfully to watch. She practically went around the room till she found someone lol that gave her an opportunity. I do believe in mediumship as a friend of mine is one, but this was ridiculous to watch, either this was cold reading.

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    Damn i don't know if i believe this

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    Melinda Garcia

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    Agent Office


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    Osob Omar

    WTF is this ….in 2015. Come on man 

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    fraser mulliner

    She has a scene boy's haircut

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    Missy Carrutherswilson

    Readings for the frugal: Psychic Seloma/Psychic Power Network. 

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    Missy Carrutherswilson

    Phone &/or Instagram meetings can be conducted, for Contact with the SpiritGuides of DeceasedFriendsandFamily SpeakYourMind & GetSurrealPeace

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    she is so much of a fake its crazy, fake and scripted bullshit sells I guess….

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    happy gilmore

    I don't understand how she can claim sometimes the person is speaking directly to her yet other times she just gets these "feelings" about a person that passed away. If a dead person was really speaking to her, wouldn't they tell her exactly what happened and who they want to talk to? 

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    happy gilmore

    "Your mom talks about a big celebration though that's coming up." Nothing. 
    "I want to talk about the mother that's departed. I want to talk about the sisters. Or-or- the girls." Nothing.
    "And I want to talk about who's the husband that's departed." Nothing.
    "The family that's reunited?" Gets a hit, makes the girl tell her everything, then still gets confused. Girl makes a face at her. Look

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    stern show exposed her, she wanted 45min alone with the audience.

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