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    The psychic medium shows off her abilities to the studio audience. Video Bewertung: / 5 Theresa Caputo
    [See the full post at: ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo Reads ‘GAA’ Audience]

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    Alastair Abela

    Fraudulent bitch.

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    Fishing expedition. There's no reason why these crooks need constant feedback from the victims. They should be able to "read" blindfolded and behind a curtain without resorting to this ridiculous game of charades with the dead. I can't stand this woman. She belongs in a hair salon

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    Marcus Schmuck

    She talks to damn fast, probably fishing around waiting for some of her shit to stick 

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    Coke Man

    its seems like she getting yunger

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    Jack Chesnut

    The techniques used by this women have been exposed many times in the past… It's sad how gullible people are..

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    Debra Maxwell

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    wow, it's insane that people give her funding for a tv series.. i mean, i guess it makes good tv, but when you put them in front of a live audience, they suck as proof it's trash.. wow..

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    Major Ramsey

    Gullibility at its finest.

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    Jorge Mata

    anyone who believes caputo can communicate with the dead is a fucking idiot. 

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    Jeffrey Cirillo

    All of Caputo's total misses:

    -Son being born either right before grandfather's death
    -Son being born right after grandfather's death
    -Connection in any way with the 7th day of any month
    -Connection in any way with any day in July or July as a concept
    -Connection with the number 7 in any conceivable way

    Everything else was either very general (do you have children), totally unverifiable (your father would have died even if he had sought care earlier), or statements for which there is no factual support, and no way of checking their accuracy (the family was at the tennis match in spirit).

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    HerpDerpMapleSerp ‘

    she messed up so many times. how can people believe this woman it's so sad. 

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