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    Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan welcomed “Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo to “LIVE! with Kelly and Michael” on Friday, September 14, 2012. She staye
    [See the full post at: “Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo — “LIVE! with Kelly and Michael” Web Exclusive]

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    Baby Boo

    There seems to be people who do not like Theresa or what she does because they feel that she is ripping the people off. NO one has to go see her or pay her and just because one may not believe or agree with what she does does not mean she is lying or making it up. Most people don't have a clue to how the mind and emotions and energy works, we All have it, some know how to use it and some don't.

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    Matt Jordan

    This bitch should be in jail for tricking people out of their money…now if she was to stipulate that these readings we're for entertainment purposes only that would be very different…how is this any different than a fraudulent company scamming customers out of their money..IT'S NOT AND SHE SHOULD BE ARRESTED TRIED AND JAILED

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    Steffi Hill

    Theresa is absolutely the real deal. I've seen her do readings in person and had a meeting with her. She mentioned names and specific details. I definitely do not think this is her best reading, but as a medium myself, it is insanely hard to read a huge crowd like this. Everyone on here is so quick to judge her…You think she cares if you are a skeptic? It's all about the healing folks. She is doing this as a service to help others. If you don't believe in her, than why follow her? 

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    nivia maeva

    Lol Lol lol lol lol It should be displayed an outdoor, facing every single place this evil woman "performs this circus"!
    "Does he/she liked red, blue, yellow, no no no, it was dark green? violet, white, pink???? Did she/he like tall/short, big/small, fast/ slow, heavy/light … Veg/ meat, sweet/sour???? The chances are there silly (yet vulnerable) people!!!
    She is evil evil evil 

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    Seriously, I can do a reading 100 times better than her by simply cold guessing. How stupid can people be to believe in this crap?? On an audience of 200+ where most people are 50 or so, her questions….who lost a father recently? Very high probabilities! Who had a relative an aneurism? That's me, my grandma, she's alive and kicking butt. Generic questions that always leave a door open for a generic answer, then you build from it. 

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    Tessa K

    Long Island cold reader 

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    Cassie Day


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    Ok for everyone claiming shes a fake and about how she bounces around the room with diff info…ok lets try this, u stand in a room fulla living people and dead people all together and a buncha the dead people all sending info to u all at the same time and see how easy it is for u to be able to decipher the 1 person who exactly it goes to out to in a crowd of a few hundred

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    Better get your boots on,the shit is getting high.

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    Alexia Harris

    What a c**nt

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    she says H name the girl says no and she moves on right away

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    Cameron Grizzaffi

    7:58 "bye" what was that sighn for????????????????????

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    Jessica Kasoff


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    Juliee Flores

    she ended up wrong many times ..  

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    I've noticed an interesting effect with these medium shows.  People seem more comfortable with the idea of a person who has psychic abilities if they also act as a normal person, yet most people with those channels open (real mediums, believe it or don't) are usually spacey, reclusive, and weird.  Or they go into trances, they can't be joking New York style while hearing the whispers of dead people.  Not always, but this whore is definitely not one of them. 

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    theresa caputo.. cold reading FRAUD!  keep going until you get close to something.. hell she had to change sides of the audience because she was WRONG before.. but come on, did someone have a husband die??  the odds were pretty good that some woman had a husband die.  GENERALIZATIONS  IS NOT BEING PSYCHIC!  FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD! 

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    Marilyn Minion

    What a crock of shit 

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    A person cannot communicate with the the dead ! Once your are dead, you can not have contact the living!! This is foolishness, the devil is deceiving people into thinking that she can communicate with the dead. It's an evil spirit, that is talking to her!!!!=:O 

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    yossi illions

    she is full of shit

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