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    Full Episode. Season 5, Episode 7 Theresa Visits Jail Video Bewertung: / 5 Theresa Caputo
    [See the full post at: Long Island Medium S05E07]

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    Wow some Americans are so restarted and easy to fool so they give a trickster like this a huge house and comfortable life to live in just by telling then what they want to hear… Theres no such things as ghosts and definitely no such thing as a human that can communicate with them. Look up derren brown and go think about what you've done.

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    Owen Joseph King

    Yesterday, A Dwarf fortune teller escaped from police custody !
    A statement was released saying "There is A Small Medium at Large" !

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    She dont look like a medium ? Really?

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    I came here for the long face 9:49

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    I came here for the long face 9:45

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    Jose Eduardo Herradura

    I can't seem to get my eyes off her nails. I am waiting for the moment that one nail would suddenly break off and go flying in the air.

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    Allan Googe

    Hey Daytoria. I'm Allan from the uk. Get in touch when you get out. Come over here. X

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    Ashley Florez

    Real or not real shes doing good

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    Julz Baby

    I want to see that letter

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