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Live on Paranormal Soup with Wonder Box Gold 7/31/2017


THIS WAS RECORDED LIVE ON PARANORMAL SOUP, SO THOSE WHO ALWAYS ASK FOR LIVE SESSIONS, I WAS ON LAST NIGHT FOR TWO HOURS. This is just ONE small segment. The voices you hear in the BG are coming from my headphones, from the caller who called in.

This was not a focused session, I did not meditate, and my audio was a mess. BUT the spirits were talking. With this box and almost all boxes, hearing in real time is a challenge. This will show you just how much came in during just one segment of the show, 90% we did not hear in real time. But it is all there.

Also, I am now selling my one and only GOLD BOX and taking an extended break from sessions. It is on ebay now:

BUT ONLY recommended to those with solid experience in this field of research. I do NOT recommend it to those who are new.

Hey guys! As always, what I hear you may not hear. As with all of these, it is a mystery and now I am starting to realize we may be communicating with more that just spirits.

I have not turned on my box for a week as I wanted at least a two weeks break. I have not even thought of the paranormal. I had a scheduled live show to do last night on Paranormal Soup with Jason Bland so with some hesitation (I originally was not going to as I wanted a longer break) – Here is one clip from last night when a caller called in asking for her brothers. Nots sure if anything came in for her but the spirits were talking to me.

I may take more of a break, but the audio in this one is not the best due to my fan and the distance of the box from the mic.

Thank you all for your support. This was broadcast last night LIVE on paranormal soup.