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    Brandon and I headed back to Tombstone, AZ where we visited a few weeks ago during the day. We had so many impressive EVP’s there we decided to come b
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    Wow! The music is sounds good! Good video.

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    bobbie english

    Way to Noisy to hear or understand, With all that equipment that u have i expected a better video.

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    Annie Cieslukowski

    I think the spirits need Brandon because they say his name multiple times in your videos. Maybe he is some sort of special being that they need help from to get to heaven or something like that. Ask him if he thinks he can help.

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    Wilma Szeles

    I am a fan of your work I am half medium but are most of the sprits are nice 

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    barbara roberts

    too much back ground noise to hear the voices in the beginning,Even with head phones on.

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    Just a fnaf Fan

    If I could talk with ghosts, I will read stories for them

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    Madison Lewis

    I wonder if ghost plan to scare u or try to talk or get ur attention by nocking over something and some people just get really freaked out !! 

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    Hillary Stewart

    Yes if you read the bible the devil will do anything to trick you. God bless you steve

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    Hillary Stewart

    I know the otherside exist I dislike the fact just so you can feel you did not waste your time on this trip to prove ghost exist you make up vocal speeches from your surrounding walking sounds that you make when walking down stairs.just like matrix ing visual in clouds this is what your doing. Ive been in the field before any off this crap to make money off of designing apps. Just know you will only get closer to demonic attack by what you do. Ive been there. Enjoy life that is why we are hear. Yes curiosity will kill the cat. If anything start an organization to help something in the world. Ghost hunting is a waste of time. Focus on christ know that we are here to get to heaven not metal with the devil. 

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    Luis salinas

    Steve you should watch this video with cc on it picks up some of the voices……i been doing this with a lot of you evp videos and stuff different from what you guys say shows up ……..really cool try it my friend….

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    I can't hear anything.

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    Elaine Cochrane

    they said satan after  coming down below

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    That was a awesome video an place to ghost hunt when are you going back?

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    Alan Ferguson

    Give us time to read the text ffs.

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    Jon Eirik Martinsen

    Is that an orb around 20:35?

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    Autumn Witch

    Hey there Steve.

    I have a few suggestions.

    !. When your team hears a voice, then your team says "it said" . . ..may be degrading to the spirits. For example:
    Entity: Be careful
    Steve: I heard that, "it" said be careful.

    2. The entities often answer your questions and also ask you questions, but they don't get replies from you when you don't revisit the location again after reviewing your sessions. It may appear to the entities that you only want your questions answered but not theirs. I saw a vid, for example, where you did return to the location 2 or 3 times. but you only asked more questions, you didn't answer the questions you heard them ask from your previous sessions with them..

    3. I noticed that your team tells the entities that you can hear them, but it may be more appropriate to let them know you may or may not hear them in real time, but you should tell them the devices may help record them, when you cant hear them in real time, … my suggestion is to let them know that you will be able to hear them on your devices AFTER you go home to replay them.

    4. In my opinion, your teams shoes add too much noise to your recordings, especially when you use the echo option. I suggest wearing house slippers for improved sound quality.

    Thanks for reading this post. No criticism from my part. Love your work and Im subscribed.

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    Gina RedFox

    I'm going to tombstone tomorrow to see that theater! :P

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    WTF IS THAT NICOLAS CAGE AT 29:12 on the bottle right corner?

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