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    Creditable evidence of an afterlife ! One of my best I.T.C video`s to date ! Warning ! Some images may scare or even shock you ! Music : Dark Sanctuar
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    Orion Silverstar

    Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication video. If you are interested in this field of the paranormal or would like to know more about this umbrella of spirit communication which draws on some very different methods. Please checkout my YouTube channel to like,subscribe and share thanks. 

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    Frikken' AWESOME!!!!  Keep doing what you're doing!!! (And subscribed!)

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    Mortis The Wizard

    2:47 WTF

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    kevin “ETGhost whisperer” himes

    VERY NICE!!!

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    Olwen Davies

    Michelle IBell (I thgt.the same. As you saw Image of Marylin Monroe 

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    Olwen Davies

    Can only. Say Excellent. Thanks. 4 sharing. with us all on YouTube 

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    Jennifer Saunders

    I hope you post new videos soon!! It's been awhile!! You have some of the best ITC videos I've ever seen!! Please post a new video again soon!! 

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