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    Welcome to GhostWorldTv. Ghosts are everywhere on ghost world tv. So Take a look on various ghost caught videos and DO NOT FORGET TO LIKE AND COMMENT.
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    Anu Jain


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    Satria Pasha Kelana


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    Vipin J S

    Waste of time.

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    Arabinda Acharya

    teri ma ka bhosda main mirchi ka pakoda

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    shiva shankar

    Very funny

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    Seema Mamgai

    How did you put blod inside the lemon.

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    abhishek singh


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    A Good Entertainment. can be apply for Zee Horror Show!..Great Work yaar….

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    Kellie Heap

    Who's Johnathan

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    Cecilia Andersson

    That is well not true! Jonathan is typical british ,swedish & english name not from India! Other wise, if i have wrong then sorry 2 all of u.

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    pein williams

    saale bakchodi karna band karde,nahi to tere peche bhoot chor dunga.teri gand me phenyl dal dunga nimbu pakad ke nachio rat bar

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    Sterling Campbell

    first of all, why would this kid Jonathan spirit Show up at a random abandoned house….second… why is there a kid named Jonathan spirit Hanging around in India in the first place. ain't no kids and India name Jonathan

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    Sterling Campbell

    is this a M. NIGHT Shyamalan movie?

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