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    Kourtney Kelly (Kourt)

    "can you quit that Jurastic park shit" LMFAOOOO

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    Man i called u about some damn ghost wtf is dis shit Lmao!

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    Omg I cried from laughing so hard

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    Truth MovementTM

    Whats that song at the end damnnn

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    Freddie Mack


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    Nathan Peters

    Omg lol hahaha 

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    Jesus Munoz

    What happend to brache???

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    "Beat his ass, I'm finna beat yo ass " Lmaoo

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    Jay Jones

    Yall need to be in the new friday

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    Quentin Knox

    This ol scrappy doo lookin muthafucka yall stay fuckin with Jones lol

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    This shit was so fucking funny on my mama !

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    Jose De La O

    Brache Hayes is my new ring tone whenever I get texts 

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    King Tc

    Brache look like Mike Evans

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    Kashu Chicken


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