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    Angel Ellis

    She is SO BRAVE! Haha I loved her saying "David Scott, I'm gonna beat your little white butt when I get back for sending me here!" lol! She's great! I was freaking out with her

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    Taylor B

    heres to everyone like me the skeleton is at 10:53 you're welcome :)

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    Sean V

    that skeleton in the box is not a dead body that was kept. you can see the the metal clamps on the ribs to keep it together and the jaw is still in tact. I dont know why she's venturing the home if she's gonna freak out about a display box (probably for Halloween) my statement has nothing bad to say about the show, i just wanted to point out this lady's reaction to a (haloween) display box is stupid of her

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    mata schmata

    what was that on the right at 6:13 ?? it looks a bit like a figure but im not sure

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    I concur. What the hell is a skeleton doing in a coffin? lol ~Peace~

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    rabbit two

    I always said i wanted to be a ghost hunter but this shit is scary!

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    Jacob Tumlin

    Anyone realize the fan was on but no lights?

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    It looks like there was some kind of entity there, but… I don't think that we can claim to know what it is saying, the audio is not very clear

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    allison sharkey

    I would have fainted if I saw something like that! she is a brave woman to be able to handle finding that.

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    gilliam goovaerts

    Its a fake one

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    anime fan

    The skeleton can't be real, what's with all the metal?

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    Magnum Gal

    Jesus somebody bury that person, that's wrong, they probably want to rest in peace but can't.

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    k2gameing Ludwa

    Imagine the skeleton moved and graped her

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    Justin Case

    I had to laugh when she came across the medical exhibit in the coffin, she almost pissed herself from fright, and almost pissed myself laughing.  Nevertheless, the home is absolutely beautiful and I would move in tomorrow.

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    Justin Case

    I am impressed, these people are very good and the evidence quite compelling.  Unfortunately I have become hardened due to TV shows that falsify in order to make a profit.  These guys seem quite refreshing. 

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    obviously not a real skeleton BUT  BUT BUT you didnt uncover the sheet behind the hidden door and i could feel that in there there was definetly somthing! check IT OUT NOW! …she said come get her…..

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    Mariana Dapueto

    en mi traductor de sonido se escucha "yo" cuando ella hace preguntas, sobre todo cuando pregunta "espiritus???" . cuando pregunta "tu viviste en esta casa???" responde "el rey" . en una parte dice "mamá". cuando esta por subir la escalera yo escucho "no vayas arriba"  pero ellos traducen "come get me"  (ven a buscarme) cuando ella dice "que es eso???" se escucha "nosotros". en una parte se escucha "un poco de wisky". cuando llega al tercer piso se escucha "pasado" "infierno". que raro no lo hayan escuchado ellos

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