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    In this session, I use the Geobox to attempt to communicate with the spiritual entities. Thank you to the inventor George Brown for creating this new
    [See the full post at: Geobox Spirit Communication]

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    Brian Peloquin

    Some of the other replies sound pretty legit though!

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    Brian Peloquin

    The box says "There she stood" at 3:21 not "Hey Jason". At 3:40 it says Now, don't you wait" Not "I'll hold your hand"  The song "All Right Now" by Free is coming through for most of your replies dude!                             https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2HuqqGASvw

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    Love and Peace Paranormal

    I just started watching your videos and this one so far is my favorite.  You should use this GeoBox more. Their was alot of Clear replys.  May I ask where you got it and how much it is ?   I am a new subscriber. I am just starting out and only have one device to communicate with spirits.

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    Rubi Diamond

    New spiritbox design – very clear intelligent replies. 

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    Karly Barker

    Great stuff! This spirit box sounds awesome :)

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    Sharon Allen

    Brilliant!! Never heard of this box- take that skeptics!!

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    We would like to purchase one. Are you selling them?

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    Steve Huff

    Funny as I have been getting Issac, Ann, and others mentioned in your video through my SCD-1 and boxes lately. Very interesting.

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    Steve Huff

    Just bought #3 – can not wait to get it. Great video.

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    Randall Morning

    Wow when that spirit said they died yesterday it hit me that when death come but I want thank you for listening to these spirit 

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    Fart Warrior

    "Braving the Elements"  lol

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    New spiritbox design – very clear intelligent replies. 

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    That is the clearest box I have ever heard, amazing. Many of the responses in this session a bit random tho. Have you found the communication with this box to be as good as your little radio or is it typically more random? Your little radio seems to do a great job of providing relevant responses. Again amazing quality. 

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    Keith Arguelles

    that was one of the best boxes I have ever heard. wow! real clear and direct. not really any static. who made this and where can I get one? how much?

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    Wow Jason, that box really is amazing! I love it!

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    Bree Presley (French)

    wow wow wow that was soooooooo amazing clear responses  thank you for sharing  i really enjoy all your shows

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    Eron Beilke

    oMg dude | your are going to get "even better" using this| that's  an incredible Ghostbox! Wow, the GeoBox, 'built by an engineer' George Brown. You are So lucky, dude, to have that. I don't care about the price, that's a good investment | if you ask me 😀 6:19 "makes lending profit" not it's Lindy Groton too :P

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    Patty Hale

    I've never heard of the Geobox. That is one of the best communication I've ever heard, and I've been watching these videos a long time. All I can say is WOW Jason!

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