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    The Anastasi System of Psychic Development – Level 5: Developing the Energy and Skill in Spirit Communication Video from the Fort Lauderdale class whe
    [See the full post at: Developing the Energy and Skill in Spirit Communication]

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    Every Medium works different.  Mediumship is about Soul to Soul.
    Sandy does a good job of teaching and helping people w/ abilities
    to develop.  Everyone is psychic, to various degrees…One has to be
    born into being a Medium.  Your intentions must be pure. Namaste ~

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    ann prince

    If she is a Medium she would be protected by her team o.. guides in the Spirit world. If she is using protective rituals she does not  trust her helpers.

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    ann prince

    Psychic hicks 're psychic and can only read the Auric fields of individuals ,they are not able to reach Spirit. How are they enriching their neighbourhood. by telling  them the secrets in the family . that of course is an exaggeration but  Psychics have to have ethics as well. Mediumship has to be  ethical as well, but so far I have not heard about that. Behaviour has to be exemplary.  Spirit Communication is immediate not in the third person,  like "she wore glasses"   or he wears ties the Spirit individual.  Speak l directly.

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    ann prince

    Mediumship is an awareness of the Spirit  world. I was  with Mediumistic abilities, it CANNOT be taught no matter how much someone wants it. It is Not a party game.  and if she  mentored John Edward she should tell  him off for asking too many questions. Mediumship is a flowing conversation not  validation after every statement. made.  

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