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    Here is a compilation of spirit communication clips from the past wee. Using my SCD-1 and other physical boxes that show, yes, they all work in the sa
    [See the full post at: 15 Amazing Minutes of Spirit Communication. Huff Paranornal]

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    Nischie Okata

    wait you get coffee over there??? 12:35 good to know

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    New Subscriber here.  Just found your channel today and I'm glad I did.  A quick question.  When you ask are there any spirits about and then ask questions do you hear their answers then, or is it only when playing back later.  I found myself talking to you (stupidly lol) through the computer screen saying, yes, he did say that, yes she is who she says she is etc..  Thanks for the videos.

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    Jayne Gardiner

    Steve could you try and make contact with my mum Joan Rimmington for me please to see if you get a reply. I'm too afraid to try myself as I've always been told it's evil. Many thanks

    Jayne Gardiner

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    DaNoisey Bird

    Try to keep the convo going. If they answer you, ask them a follow up question directly, they may misconstrue your randomness as a bad connection. I love this tho, it's brilliant. I tried to get your app but sadly I'm poor lol. Also kinda sounds like they are using another operator from their end, like they ask to be put through to you. Maybe they have a medium on there side picking you up. Thanks for sharing.

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    Pj Mcgovern

    why don't u ask for a name and address see if you can find any of them , its amazingly clear

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    You're awesome man.

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    Claretta Bella

    where are you Steve ?

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    Sue Lynn

    Hi Steve, I just want to say that the work you do is amazing. I have been telling alot of my friends here in Australia about your work and your SCD-1. I can't wait for the day that talking to the other side is as simple as picking up the phone and talking to the living. So excited for you and the work you are doing. Never stop :)

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    Charles Georgoudis

    Steve, the spirit that speaks in the British accent really likes to come through quite often. Have you figured out who this may be? I have a feeling that he may either be family to you or possibly a good friend of your family. The spirit that tells you to cancel out on the Tombstone visit may be telling you to use extra caution when you go there. Please do that. As always, I look forward to your next project. All of the best.

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    Could you try and have a session talking with Kurt cobain

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    The afterlife seems like a worse nightmare than life. Very unsafe. Very sad. Very lost.  Very scared. I am waiting for some Spirit Comunicators to interrupt  a great ghost party: music, Elivs and Frank Sinatra singing, etc…but nothing but tragic souls. Stay alive my friends!

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    Ian Brodrick

    +Steve Huff do you believe that the spirits you communicate with are all in some sort of "limbo" if so why have they not ascended to the higher level yet, do you believe that perhaps they have unfinished business, or indeed can all spirits communicate with us? I ask because the majority of them don't sound malicious or "evil".

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    xXxTheDarkLordSatanxXx 666

    can you ask about chuck schuldiner? he is the most amazing man in the world. Unfortunatly cancer ended his life in 2001 . He is the father of death metal, and he influenced many bands today. he was also an amazing guitarist. i want to hear his voice once more. 

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    Please comment back if your willing to talk. I'm interested in what you do and would like to talk more through email. Please comment back if your interested. I have an experience I want to share as well!

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    james bennett

    I need help something has happened I used your app everything went well spoken to some ghosts then when I said good bye. I put the washer on then the washer power was off so my dad reset the electric
    For the plugs nothing happen then 2hs later we came back and pressed the power button it came back on so I don't no if the ghosts did that lol or they playing with us what do you think 

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