Teddy Bear EVP Clip

In this paranormal research video using the P-SB7 Spirit Box I decided to film part of a ghot box EVP session recorded on 1st October 2011. In this possible EVP recording I am using control questions by holding up an object, in this case a teddy bear, and asking what I am holding. The theory is if you hear the correct answer the evidence leans towards the disembodied voice being intelligent. Of course as ever, it isn’t concrete evidence, just my enterpretation of what I am hearing using the ghost box method of spirit communication. At the start of the ghost box session, I will always explain what I will be doing through the recording as I like to make sure any possible ghost, spirit or sentient being aware of the reason why I ask such questions. I have played the EVP clip twice and there has been amplification or cleaning…What you hear is as it is in its original state. Very often, cleaning EVPs can reduce the quality of the EVP clips themselves.