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    Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo visits LIVE with Kelly and Michael. Watch who Theresa connected with…off air! Video Bewertung: / 5 Theresa Caputo
    [See the full post at: EXCLUSIVE Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo]

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    Roland HereNow

    For me, the question is "why?" do people who dislike psychic mediums waste their time lurking and posting on their videos? Is there not a war somewhere in the world where they could make better use of their need to attack total strangers?

    Or, perhaps these angry words are just the whining of pathetic underdogs hoping to reclaim their lost self-esteem by trying to make others feel bad. The online equivalent of animal or spousal abuse carried out by cowards hiding behind their anonymity. 

    As for James Randi, let's get real: he can't afford to be open minded, or he'd also lose his own paying audience. Seems that denial is everyone's favorite mental magic trick when it comes to paying the bills.

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    Roland HereNow

    Attention naysayers, instead of prowling the internet and getting all wound up over nothing, why not volunteer at a local animal shelter, or help grieving people get over their pain? You seem so anxious to share your advise on something you know nothing about, why not offer your time doing something constructive instead? 

    Just a thought. Better than wasting your time here.

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    HerpDerpMapleSerp ‘

    i feel bad when people cry……shes full of shit

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    Tessa K


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    Caputo the good straight liar. I wish she would leave
    the physical world. Maybe send her on the new Mars project, she can
    contact us threw the dead, better communications then NASA.

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    Bill Tsompanidis

    She's a damn fraud! She's wrong most of the time. I've seen her live and its much of the same bullshit. Arrest this bitch.

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    bloodtheft_91 (bloodtheft91)


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    Kaiges Claiborne

    This is such bullshit!!!! The fact that people buy this Cunts lies. Simple minded idiots WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!! MAKES me sick…..If these spirits are talking to her then why is she not going to the person first hand. Instead she fishes for general things until some fool gets emotional. OMG people please……..

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    Everything about this lady is fake. Her fingernails, her hair, her act. Its sad so many people believe in her.

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    if she could really talk to the dead why has she not told us where Jimmy Hoffa's body is 

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    luz barrios

    me gustaria que lo pasaran al español.

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    Al Fargo

    Despicable woman, making money from the desperate and gullible – and let's face it – the stupid.

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    Kaytlin Carole

    She may be a fake. But she gives people closure

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    Jack S

    Theresa Capuko is so full of crap. Her cold reading failed once again horribly, so now she's getting messages from a mother who isn't dead?? Why does she still remain on TV when everyone knows she is a LIAR that will squeeze the last dime out of your pocket? Shameful!!

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    Godless Girl

    Anybody who believes this is an idiot.

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