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    http://www.josephspeaks.com/English/welcome.php Joseph is a highly evolved spirit guide who is deeply concerned about the fate of mankind and returns
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    Linda Oksanen

    Clairaudience you hear, clairvoyance you see. Thought he knew that at least 

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    Leif Christiansen

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    Sickayda Mars

    I think i have found out a little about whats' happening, important useful information… watch  my new video's communications with the mind spirits!

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    Sara Jafi

    Love your show. So much better than George Noory!

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    godismy refuge

    The only spirits you will channel are the fallen.

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    attention people:  we are controlled and exploited here on earth by use of the legal name.   this is how we are tracked, controlled and milked, literally and figuratively.  the mark of the beast we hear so much about IS THE NAME.    please check out success stories of people who are living without a legal name   LOSETHENAMEDOTCOM.   peace, peeps!

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    Thank you for this on Joseph and the channeling that Michael Recci is passing on to us. I think what he is saying is wonderful and can help us tremendously…I am going to check out the web site and get the book. Wish this could be given to all the young people to teach them what they need to learn.    

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    Joanna Eden

    I have read the Joseph communication books and am currently reading the fifth. These books have changed my life. Everything that is given in the books initially for me were of amazing benefit. I know we all have our own viewpoint. Whether we wish to take the teachings on board or debate over what snippets of information we agree or disagree with, the message is to live with love in your hearts for humanity and the Earth and all things. Practice forgiveness, starting with yourself, then all others. Try to create within the illusion a world of love and positivity. Know that all things change. We are all one, part of the Absolute, the Divine being known as God.

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