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PORTAL! Best Spirit Communication EVER! – Murphy’s CA – Historic Hotel with ChillSeekers!
Me, Debby and the Chillseekers met up in Murphy’s CA to investigate the Historic Hotel. The Chillseekers brought all teh good equipment and I brought my Portal, SCD-1 and GeoBox for communication sessions.

The GeoBox and Spirit boxes were not working there so we used the Portal 95% of the time for communication sessions as well as doing EVP sessions.

This video is my footage showing the AMAZING communication possible with the SCD-1 and Portal.

You can buy the SCD-1 App at and teh portal can be made by ANYONE, no skill required. Details on how to do so are at – but it is optimized and gives best results with the SCD-1. Ive tested it with 15 boxs, apps and gadgets. The SCD-1 works best.


Enjoy and subscribe if you like this. When I hit 100k likes I will be giving away a complete PORTAL SYSTEM!

As for those haters who hate me for their declining app and box sales, sorry but life and technology move on. Also, the portal and SCD-1 do not use ANY bank of sounds. All live, all spirit communication.

This is not your outdated rehashed over and over Echoblah, this is not your noisy scratchy hard to hear static box and this is not a bank based app or device. It is all real time, real replies and direct messages. So to those guys who make those things and are trying to attack me with LIES LIES and MORE LIES, sorry, you lose. Again. ­čśë

Huff Paranormal – Group Night Returns, Portal, SCD-1, GeoBox
A return to the experimental group nights! It has been 2-3 months but decided to bring them back due to demand. After i went through it all, it seems there were a few messages for others but not a ton. Some were for me, and some were just spirit rambles.

Still, some fantastic spirit communication going on regardless of who came through.

I used the SCD-1 with the Portal as well as a Jensen Hack Radio with the Portal (see my other videos to see more of the portal) and the GeoBox, which is the best spirit box made in 2015, IMO (and I have used them all).

This is true spirit (or some for of intelligent) communication, as we have it in 2015.

PSA: Join the ITC Collective and stomp out the Paranormal Hate!

Just a PSA = Paranormal Service Announcement ­čśë

Myself and Keith Weldon have started the ITC Collective. A Facebook group that is going to STOMP out the nastiness of the paranormal field…the hate, jealousy, name calling and attacks,

the ITC collective is all about LOVE, POSITIVITY, LIGHT and RESEARCH!

We have some amazing member there already – the best names in the REAL field – Keith Weldon and Carissa Simpson from the Chillseekers, Myself, Anthony Sanchez, George Brown (Creator of the GeoBox) and MANy others who have a passion for this field and want to move forward instead of backwards.

We have the best evidence posted using the latest cutting edge spirit communicators.

BUT you must follow the rules. Attacks, hate speech, name calling, talking down to and nastiness is NEVER allowed, and we have a one strike policy . We do not even hate the haters or trash talkers as we want to keep it 100% POSITIVE.

If you want to join, check out the link below but it is growing fast as it is A MOVEMENT in the online paranormal field.

1000 Member will be approved the 1st week of being up. YES. All great poeple, great minds, wonderful inventors and app makers. The best of the best and the most respected names around.

I also plan to create yearly meetups, which will be quite special.

GeoBox Spirit Communicator. The Real Deal. Huff Edition Preview.
A preview of the gorgeous GeoBox Spirit Communicator. Yes, this is 100% real, and for me, the best all in one spirit box anyone has ever produced, period. It is a breakthrough in design, function, sound and yes, no static, no grinding clicks and no headache inducing noise.

It also will not have a scanning of constant radio where you have to listen to pick out replies buried within the audio. Nope, with the GeoBox, 98% of all voices coming through, at least for me, have been all spirit messages and replies to my questions.

No one has ever made a box like this, and George Brown deserves huge credit for it. It’s a revolutionary design, not simply an evolution. While the profiteers are now busy trying to copy the GeoBox, George has been pumping them out as fast as humanly possible. Each one is made by hand from wood that has been constructed into this vintage style cabinet. George than applies wood veneer, stain, and finishing after cutting all the holes. He then assembles all electronics inside and produces a polished finished product that looks like a million bucks and works like no other box does.

This is one of 10 GeoBox Huff Paranormal Editions (ALL have been pre sold) – gorgeous.