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    http://www.scifake.com – This is an awesome video of Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo attempting to cold read ABC’s 20/20 cameraman Herbert Forsberg.
    [See the full post at: Awesome Video of Theresa Caputo Demonstrating How She Deceives Her Audience.]

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    Jeremy Feit

    Computer computer malfunction

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    kaley zinser


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    kaley zinser

    your right you are fake

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    kaley zinser


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    brooke “1984msbrooke” dillow

    WOW this is a serious reach!! get a life

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    confirmation bias

    I can't seem to reply Ron, so here it is – "Oh does she?! Ha. That'd be right" 

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    I just noticed that SciFake erased a ton of my comments where I made very good cases and played devil's advocate. Funny he did that considering the opening disclosure says"we value your opinion" haha. I guess your opinion is only valued if you side with his hypocritical ass. I lost faith in you SciFake. Wouldn't erasing comments to make it look like most believe the same as you and arguments against you are ignorant be similar to what you claim TC is doing?? Are you not bending the people's ability to create a clear opinion by erasing thought provoking comments that play to the defense????????

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    confirmation bias

    Ron, have you noticed sometimes how genuinely excited and surprised she gets when she hits on seemingly random things, not just the cut and paste statements? She often starts laughing and says "Crazy!!!" – it seems that she's genuinely surprised by the hit. I mean, why is that so remarkable to her if she's a 'medium'? Is that not the fundamental thing she claims she does?!

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    kimbybean bean

    T.C. has previously said that she received her info from signs and symbols.  Why then does she say "cause he just told me…or he just leaned over and kissed you" .blah blah blah".  IF she has any gift at all, she can read minds of people.  She takes that info and transforms it into words from the dead.  On a recent 2015 show of LIM, 2 girls did not have an answer to something they needed.  Of course TC said "we don't always know the answers".  It seems to me that Theresa only speaks of things already known by the person being read.  NEVER ONCE has she revealed anything that the person didn't already know.  Thank about this each time you listen to her do a reading.  You'll also hear a person say "I was just thinking of that this morning".  See, it's fresh in their mind.  This goes the same for stuff in people's pockets like badges or books or any item of the deceased.If ONLY she would provide information that nobody knew of, but the deceased, ie a hidden item or where they put their suicide note,etc.  Nothing proves that she is speaking with spirits.  NOTHING. I with people who watch, would consider this concept when watching and they will see it how I do.

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