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MUST SEE! Amazing Night at the Hotel San Carlos, and a Crossing Over with Validation. Wonder Box.
Wow. Debby and I went to the Hotel San Carlos in Phx AZ last night and attempted to communicate with the spirits who reside there. Not only did we communicate, we had direct one on one’s and even a crossing over attempt at the end with a crystal clear validation that it worked.

My Portal Wonder Box blew me away though when we left in the morning, I thought we only captured GOOD but not GREAT evidence. Upon review, it is up there with the best I have done.

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A SCARY Late Night INTENSE Spirit Communication Session. This is getting serious.
Did a session last night, and truth be told it is starting to scare me a little so I may take a week or two off again. I was pulled to do this last night and they mention my heart again (I had a heart attack scare last weekend and was admitted to the hospital for a night).

This work can be hard on you when you get in this deep.

Also, this is 100% real and 100% serious. Any fool who says otherwise is just that, a fool. Anyone who says I do this for “entertainment” is also a fool. I do this work for the reality and research, and because I edit my videos in an easy to watch and entertaining way does not make it for entertainment. I take this work more serious than anything in life, and it is becoming clear that it can and may also be very dangerous when we get too close. I feel I am getting to close, and may need to back off on developing my device further.

Thank you all. Love and Light to all. Share this video if you like.

Thank you.