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You should NEVER FEAR Spirits.
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There is nothing to fear but fear itself. You have heard this I am certain, and you know what? It is true. It is fact.

Fear is our worst enemy and we have been taught to fear spirits and ghosts our entire lives. This video talks about the paranormal industry, Hollywood, tv and then the real aspects of Paranormal.

I fear nothing in life. Not ghosts, not death, not taking risks as fear holds us back from so much in this amazing life. We were not put here to fear, to spread hate and negativity but rather to spread love, happiness and positivity. When we are born we only know love, we are taught things such as fear, hate and all of the bad stuff.

You can shake it off though, and I tell you how and why you should.

World’s Best Spirit Contact and EVP. Scary, Real. HEAR what THEY SAY.
#scaryparanormal #realspiritbox #classaevp


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A video in the most Haunted House I have ever been in. MY OWN. Over eight years doing sprit sessions and work I have had thousands of entities, spirits, angels, demons and other beings in my home connecting.

In this video I use a digital voice recorder to record LOUD spirit voices. I use a P-SB7 Spirit Radio alone and with my portal connect device. I also use an app. Each bring results from the other side.

No, this does not scare me (you can not do this and fear it) and yes this is all 100% real. It’s what I do and have done for eight years now.

Much love to all, and remember LOVE IS THE KEY!

GOOD NEWS! Das 3. Jahrtausend #17

Mord und Totschlag, Blut und Sperma – die allgegenwärtigen Eckpunkte der massenmedialen Berichterstattung jagen uns Angst und Schrecken ein. Robert Fleischer und Dirk Pohlmann wagen in dieser ersten Sendung im neuen Jahr 2019 ein für Journalisten ungewöhnliches Experiment: Eine ganze Sendung nur mit guten Nachrichten zu füllen. Wird es ihnen gelingen? Viel Spaß bei Ausgabe #17 des 3. Jahrtausends!
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