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    Theresa Caputo takes on some big questions, such as “Do Spirits Age?” and “Do you ever channel negative spirits?” The answers just might surprise you.
    [See the full post at: Aging and Angry Spirits | Long Island Medium]

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    Brittany Jeannè

    Their SOUL ages. They become wiser. 

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    James Taylor

    She bothers me!!

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    Omg this is a real show??? I thought SNL was making it up

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    Phil Shaffer

    Do aborted fetuses come through??

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    DistantEarlyWarning 611

    Sure why not? Beats the heck out of believing in nothing. And if you think about it, how much of our brains do we really use? 10%? Maybe Theresa Caputo tapped into a part of her brain that gives her these abilities. So if we only utilize 10% of our brains what does that tell you? It tells me we haven't evolved enough to understand everything. That there are things in this world that we cannot yet process into a logical conclusion. SO, That being said, I'm on board. I've lost too many loved ones in my life to not have hope, or an open mind.

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    She did not answer the question about negative spirits.I am wondering if she was intentionally avoiding it.

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    lolliepopblast lolie

    I believe this no changing my mind 

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    Michael Madrid

    I'd like to ask Ms. Caputo if the spirits also suffer from erectile dysfunction.   If she can REALLY talk to spirits how come she never speaks to someone famous like Michael Jackson or John F. Kennedy?  Let's put her on camera to see if she can discern the facts of a murder case known only to the murderer and the police.  How many times has she "contacted a spirit" WITHOUT playing 21 questions first?  

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    First question should have been "Do spirits exist?"

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    Little Meme

    To those who put rude or mean comments I have a question, why? Why do you feel the need to put others down? If you believe you believe if you don't you don't. Why do you need to put down other peoples values?

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    Sarah Hargreaves

    If you don't believe then dont watch simple as

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    Annie Logical

    So her own personal spirit guide can change the method by which the dead people show themselves? Really? 

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    She isn't a fraud my nanny was in this

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    The Savior is back

    Shame on this lady. Corrupted piece of garbage playing with people's emotion.If she ever encounter a spirit in real she will be the first one to wet the floor. 

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    Ada Lopez

    Her clients are fake

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