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This is a wonderful uplifting session. A must see. Here I use a radio to connect to the sprits, then an app with my soulspeaker where I cross over a spirit named Gordon who is looking for the light. This happened unexpectedly and it is always a pleasure when it happens. At the end I use the DR60 to record real time EVP from a spirit in the room. Enjoy and Love you all!

Xbox 360 kinect Live in Kitchen .with a HIT from a spirit on screen,

So tonight im going to try a Possible Xbox 360 kinect Live in Kitchen Tonight,see if we get anything in there, i have my Laptop and a old TV I picked up from out side the other night, so lets see what happens shall we.?? Xbox 360 kinect Live iwith a HIT from a spirit on screen,
When i later asked who it was i hear a female voice saying ABBEY on the ghost box app, and later when i was talking to Tina on the Ouija board i asked Tina whop it was and Tina Said it was ABBEY.

EVP Electronic Voice Phenomenon, Spirit voices, Ghostbox, ITC, transcommunication