TO HELL AND BACK – Spirit Validates he is in HELL – HUFF & HOPE

Josh and I head to an undisclosed abandoned location where it is said that unspeakable crimes happened to children. We get an answer and even a validation that HELL EXISTS.

This is real, scary, and not “ghost hunting”. Rather we went in, or at least I did, to see if I could get an answer to the question I had. If indeed the evil that reportedly existed in this house in life, was stuck there in their own personal hell in the afterlife. if so, this means if we are evil in life, we will go to a evil, lonely, awful place in the afterlife.

We use the DR60 here which is a phenomenal tool for spirit research. When used by someone with a deep spiritual connection, it can be used to talk direct with the dead in real time. Yes, 100% real. No, no recorder like this exists on earth. These were made in the 1990’s and no longer are made. Used ones sell for up to $2000 on eBay due to its unique ability to talk to the dead.

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Wasser besitzt seltsame Eigenschaften, die dem naturwissenschaftlichen Weltbild zu widersprechen scheinen: Es kann Informationen speichern, auf menschliche Gefühle reagieren und mit anderen Stoffen kommunizieren. Eindrucksvoll demonstrierte der japanische Wasserforscher Dr. Masaru Emoto diese Eigenschaften mit Hilfe seiner Wasserkristallfotografien; wissenschaftlich belegt wurden sie unter anderem von Forschern der Universität Stuttgart. Doch seit dem Tod des weltberühmten Wasserforschers Emoto sind neue wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse hinzugekommen: So entdeckte etwa Dr. Gerald Pollack von der University of Washington neben dem festen, flüssigen und gasförmigen Aggregatzustand noch eine vierte Phase des Wassers, die die Erkenntnisse Emotos zu bestätigen scheinen.

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Spirits tell me if Stephen Hawking Has Crossed Over. HEAR IT.



So many have requested this! I am traveling now with Debby cross country but I found some time to do this one, and while not with a wonder box, I use the Panasonic DR60. AND I GET A REPLY. Some amazing EVP here, from thin air.

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